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SWOT Workshop

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1)  Project Delivery

      One Month Minimum 


2)  Project Delivery

        Fixed Price 



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SWOT Workshop Detail

Expertly facilitated business performance workshop with client leadership, performed at either the client or Promethean location. 

Promethean workshop’s allow business owners and their key people to rapidly & critically break down business problems

and opportunities into cost effective, actionable and prioritized items. 

SWOT’s are time tested, industry agnostic and outstanding tools to identify internal strengths & weaknesses as well as external opportunities & threats for both large & small commercial and not-for-profit organizations. 

Promethean workshop’s methodically examine your businesses results, trends, outlooks, operating philosophies,

strategies and tactics as well as your businesses vision, cultural & leadership norms.

Then, together we will build a functional blueprint to grow & improve your businesses revenues,

EBIT, customer & employee experiences. 


Customer Deliverable

Project & Business Evaluations, Strategic Options, Functional Alternatives,

Recommendations & Business Forward Blueprint. 


Call or email for a quote.

Includes 2 Days Workshop Facilities at Promethean HQ - SKY Las Vegas

or 2 Days Promethean travel/lodging/transport expenses to customer site

within the continental US.


Total Engagement Timeline

5 -7 days


Engagement Breakdown

2 Days of in-person Promethean activities with clients.

SWOT Workshop is one full day and one full day of in-person interviews.

1 Day 

remote work with company employees via email, phone and Skype. 

2 Days 

for travel, swot preparation & final customer deliverable. 

Promethean Project Delivery

Time & Materials Rates

A Simple, Fair, Skin-In-The-Game Approach

Unlike most consultants, Promethean shares the RISKS in its client endeavors, even when working Time & Materials.

Promethean delivers as agreed upon or we do not earn our full fee. 

Workshop Facilities at Promethean HQ

at SKY Las Vegas can be tailered to any requirements.

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