What We Do

Promethean Consulting & Execution provides strategies, short-term leadership, program execution & accountability to critical business operations challenges in aspirational companies with $5M to $100M in revenues.


Promethean helps clients rapidly scale business operations, optimize performance and achieve audacious goals.

Our expertise is executing fixed-price, fixed-time projects and leading operational turnarounds which create transformative & measurable impact on business revenue, profit & customer experience.

Promethean has delivered demonstrable successes on four continents, across wide-spectrum industries, geographies & cultures. We specialize in executing in adverse & failure ridden environments, in unreasonable timeframes with small budgets.

With proven methodologies, Promethean and its Clients rapidly design, implement & integrate strategic architectures, functional strategies, cross-functional processes & people, into best-in-class business solutions. Our objective is to make fast and lasting bottom line business impact and then as soon as possible, leave the management & growth of the improvements to the client organization.

Let us show your company how to dramatically, rapidly & cost effectively improve operational performance in your domestic and/or offshore activities.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:
If Promethean does not deliver the results as promised; there is no charge for our services.

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